Far away from Poland  
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Many years have passed since the operation of the original 303 Squadron during The Battle of Britain. Our Flight School has dedicated its name to the highest scoring Polish Squadron in the Royal Air Force and offers a wide variety of flight training.

Far away from Poland, we are based in South Africa at the Brakpan/Benoni Airfield just next to Johannesburg International Airport. Our training includes gyrocopters, conventionally-controlled microlight, light sport aircraft, PPL, NPL, CPL and ATPL for fixed wing and ground school. We also offer Multi-engine and Tail-Dragger rating. It is not always easy to maintain the values which the heroes of the past fought and died for, but we are here to maintain the spirit and atmosphere of pure flying, friendship, serving others as well as a high standard in flight training and operation.


303 Squadron - Flight School

Brakpan/Benoni Airfield

Phone: +27 (0)83 423 2732
Email: 303sqfs.office@gmail.com

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