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This page is dedicated to the original 303 Squadron. Historically this squadron was assigned into combat during the Battle of Britain and was the most efficient Royal Air Force Squadron during its period.

As a part of 11th Fighter Group - this Squadron scored the biggest number and ratio of enemy aircraft. What is more interesting is that this unit was a fully Polish manned Squadron.

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Monument in memory of the Fallen Polish Airmen placed at Northolt - today part of the Greater London.

By the end of WWII the Royal Air Force had 17 Polish Squadrons with about 25 000 airmen in service. Today it is not known by many people that it was the biggest supporting struggle co-operating with the Royal Air Force against the Nazi regime. Not many monuments remain to remember these heroic days.

Few Polish airmen return after the war as they were considered traitors of the �new� Poland which fell from Nazi occupation to the Communist occupation. This period lasted much longer and took the lives of many more patriotic Poles. It is our belief that we are responsible for the preservation of such memories and have to remember our roots.

There are many ways of preserving memories - Ours is to run a flying school which bears the name of one of the most famous Polish Squadrons but we also preserve the spirit and values for which they lived and died for.

Please visit web site: www.questionofhonor.com. This is a book about the tragic Polish history during WWII built around the lives of five pilots from RAF�s 303 Fighter Squadron.

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Jan Zumbach Air JZ Ground

Original 303 Group


303 Squadron - Flight School

Brakpan/Benoni Airfield

Phone: +27 (0)83 423 2732
Email: 303sqfs.office@gmail.com

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